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neither beautiful nor true. Troll, to thyself be - enough!  regular octosyllabic metre, partly iambic, partly trochaic.   except for the funeral oration in the last act which is in blank verse.  earthy language.  very accessible.  hunter of a different name.  dreaming interpenterate. I had the knack of a butcher.  rubs his hands down his thighs. I ordered him once to go into a nut. I shall bite your loins, and down each side of your spine.  We’ve sinned. clever as paint. but he can ride through the air on a buck!  The weather cock up on the vane.  far away?  damned invention!  making amorous gestures. Like a leg and breeches, like faggots and peas. A gigantic pig.  an old sac for a saddle.  Belief is free. So long as you match us in manner and dress.  between you and us.  Remember, his senses are human!  

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